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Our Ladder API for other Developments
We would like to offer our API for other websites. A zipped JSON file containing all 4 leagues with 15000 entries each league. If you are in need of the current ladder api please contact us via email. We will provide you with the informations you need to download the file. Please add the url of your website in your email. Thank you.

UPDATE: We decided to make the .zip file with the stats public. But please, do only download the stats every 30 minutes. We might get bandwidth problems. Here is the URL: ladder api zip.
Notifications! and resetting database for 3.0!
Indeed, we have added a feature where you can track your favourite PoE Players playing their leagues and races. Just go to the 'Leagues & Races Ranking' page, search for the character you like to have notifications for, and add him by clicking on the 'alarm icon'. You will be forwarded to a page where you can see all your notifications you have enabled, and may also remove chars again. Once on this page you have give permissions to get notifications. This works only with Firefox and Chrome and is still in beta and only works if the 'Notification' window is still open, but not active. At the moment you will be notified when a player dies, gets online and changes ranks. Please report any bugs. Thank you.
New features added
* We are now announcing that we added 'Select Iventory Id' at 'Unique Items' where you can filter the result to show only Rings, Flasks, Body Armour etc.
* We added a script that will delete older 'objects' in database as we mentioned in a previous news to keep a perfect view of the current Meta-Datas.
* Working on a tiny chat where you can discuss Ladder & Races, builds and what ever you feel like to talk about.
* Working on a feature for Ladder & Races which will be anounced later.
Working on the Site
Right before 3.0 will go live, we are still working on the website. So please don´t wonder if the stats of 'gems' and/or 'passives' for example are reseted. We want to make sure we have a very accurate mirror of what player use for their builds, and which builds are on top. We are positive that at lunch of 3.0 the site will be finished when it comes to core. Ofcourse some small changes to the frontend (Layout, add new options etc.) can and will happen. But the main Database with all its items, gems, passives and so will be a good mirror of Path of Exile´s Players.
Time range for 'Objects' in Database? Poll started.
At the moment we are not deleting 'Objects' (Gems, Uniques, Passive Skill Nodes etc.) after we have started to crawl the datas. But, to have a better view on the Meta we need a time range set when 'Objects' expire. For example: If you want to know which Gems are most used at the Moment, it does not help to have data crawled 1 month ago. So there needs to be an 'Expire Time'. It will work like this: Only 'Objects' crawled 'NOW' and are not 'older' than 'X Days' will be included. Older 'Objects' will be deleted.
We need your opinion: Please visit this Poll and vote: Click me!
New Stuff added
We are happy to announce that we have added the 'Total Playertime" of chars at 'Leagues & Races'. Ofcourse it does not show the correct amount now, as we started logging way to late after the start of League. We will be starting from Minute One when Harbinger starts. Also: when new League is starting we are going to add 'Experience / Total Playtime' and you will be able to 'Order' by this option.
Exiles of the Moment
Most Playtime:
Level 100 Chieftain
Highest XP per Hour:
(2.15M) squallwangjin (BeiJingBoy)
Level 96 Gladiator
Runner Up:
(+44) squallwangjin (BeiJingBoy)
Level 96 Gladiator
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